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The Jesus Candidate Blog

My book The Jesus Candidate: Political religion in a secular age was published by Ekklesia in 2017. In the UK we no longer live in a society where a majority describe themselves as 'Christian.' How are faithful Christians to understand and deal with the new, post-Christian politics? Should we follow the 'religious right' and blame the state for 'marginalising' Christians - and demand a restoration of biblical law wherever possible? Or do we recognise that the liberal, secular state, separated from the church, is to be celebrated as a Christian achievement?

"a welcome and timely publication ... raises questions that people of all faiths and none must grapple with" - National Secular Society (Megan Manson and Alistair Lichten) 6th October 2017

Preview The Jesus Candidate and buy it now for £5.00 (plus P&P. See updates including ...

  • Another fine case or two - why, really, did a Sheffield social work student have to leave his course?

  • Tim Farron - Why, really, was he forced out of the leadership of the Lib Dems?

In the United States, 80% of white evangelicals (a group that totals one in five of the population) support President Trump. Why? Lydia Bean's research finds that the answer is what she calls religious nationalism. See my review (published by Evangelicals Now, February 2018) of Lydia Bean's The Politics of Evangelical Identity.

Foxes have holes: Christian responses to the housing crisis is edited by Andrew Francis and published by Ekklesia in 2016. My chapter argues that the UK has no fundamental shortage of housing stock. Building new homes will not, on its own, solve the affordability crisis. I show that the crisis has resulted from the way that state welfare and tax policy have interacted with markets since 1959. The correct solution is to shift the balance of taxation onto property, away from earnings. Read the full text of 'Beyond Welfare Housing?' here.

Citizenship and Consumption: the Liverpool new-build housing co-operative movement (on my academia page)is a history of the housing co-operatives established in Merseyside in the 1980s, where I used to work for Co-operative Development Services (now part of the Plus Housing Group). I explore the distinction between 'citizen' and 'consumer' models of user empowerment and argue that the co-operatives succeeded by combining each of these supposedly contradictory models.

Tenants' choice and tenant management: who owns and controls social housing? (on my academia page) explores how and why the 'Tenants Choice' model of ownership transfer was first promoted, then jettisoned, at the height of the Thatcher government.

Free on-line resources for community empowerment

Managing in a tenant controlled housing organisation: governance and financial control (produced for the National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations)

Model code of governance for a TMO (produced for NFTMO and adapted for Greengate Housing Co-operative)

Performance information for tenant scrutiny (produced for Rachel Vernelle Training and the National Communities Resource Centre, Trafford Hall)

© James Paul Lusk has copyright in Beyond Welfare Housing?(published as For Richer, For Richer... in Foxes have Holes) and all other publications mentioned on this website. Resources for community empowerment may be freely downloaded and used.