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Liberty, Democracy, Civility: review of recent contributions to the debate

Trump holds up bible amid teargas at st Johns church, Washington


TRUMP AND THE EVANGELICALS: from the Jesus Candidate:

"Having lost its 'Judaeo-Christian' foundation,the system based on liberal capitalism will fall in the face of challenge by the 'global tea party' movement ... knowing this world-view helps us understand the new turn in American politics ... The movement seeks to re-sacralise the state, conferring power on the religious positions it determines to privilege. To this end, it must overcome resistance from Christians who understand the church to be a free association of believers, founded on the New Testament and the liberal heritage from the Anabaptists, Roger Williams and the separation of church and state"

- The Jesus Candidate: Political religion in a secular age (2017), page 95

On 1st June 2020, President Trump held up a bible after teargas cleared a path for him to stand at St John's Episcopal church, Washington DC
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